Lillian Sickler Poetry

Asterism: scenes from bluebonnet diner (Fall 2017) + when her parents found out (Fall 2017)

Cosmonauts Avenue: Aubade (Dec 2017) + Baikal, The Deepest Lake (Dec 2017)

Vagabond City: floodlights (Mar 2018)

Drunk In A Midnight Choir: ode to eating with your hands (Spring 2018)

Dreginald: mammals (Fall 2018) + fortnight (Fall 2018)

Ghost City Press: let me tell you about the hypnic jerk (Nov 2018)

Noble / Gas Qrtly: hunting dogs (Fall 2018)

2019 Ghost City Press Microchapbook Series: Incredibly Close & Perfect (June 2019) – 9 poems

The Shade Journal: The Time She Saw Horses Fly (September 2019)

Empty House Press: Quarry Lake (September 2019)

Hobart: Hibernation (October 2019)

Crab Fat Magazine: Love Spiral, Sugar Moon (October 2019)

Anti-Heroin Chic Magazine: bat fishing with Rachel + looking at the sun (October 2019)

Perhappened Magazine: see you (August 2020)

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